The Charges

                         REASONS FOR TREASON

Some background before I get into the meat of my aggression !

The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is made up of three primary groups : The General

Population, The Government, and The Business Community.

We all participate in each of these groups in one way or another.

I want to be very clear about this next statement! It is very simple :

The Business Community pays the TOTAL BILL for anything and everything that is paid for in this country!!



The only part of the business community that truly produces money are, mining, petroleum production, forestry, fishing, farming, ranching, ETC.. Natural resources, that are processed and/or manufactured into sale-able goods. We need to included recycled material, (cars, plastics, electronics, etc) as natural resources.

The Business Community pays all taxes, all health care , all wages, everything!, etc etc! “Wait a dang minute!” You say!? : “I pay taxes!”. Yes : But your WAGES come from the Business Community!! No wages = no taxes.

Please take some time and study the ramifications of this

“Law of Economics”.

The Republican Party (IE : Capitalists ) have been working to overturn the Financial Regulations written by Congress after Great Depression ever since those Laws were passed.

They were unable to make much progress up until President Nixon’s presidency. That is when our troubles really started to escalate.

Laws against Nepotism were passed, I think, in the late 60s or early 70s. At about the same time laws were passed to make Radio and TV stations give equal time and opportunity to political opponents when one or the other aired a political ad.

The capitalists could not let these policies go unchallenged. It didn’t take long for them to effect the quiet removal of the relatively recent implementation of laws governing the hiring of relatives, close friends and members of secret societies.

Then came Ronald Reagan’s Presidency and his Union Busting agenda and changes to the Banking laws, rules , and regulations. Someone had a great idea to make a ton of money: ‘Change the Savings and Loan Charter to make it easier to make loans to “increase investors profit margin”! Trouble is they snuck a little Rider in there that allowed each Savings and Loan Manager the power to grant any loan he/she wanted to approve. “They” then used that power to grant loans to friends or family who “Wanted to improve raw property, starting with bare land, add water, sewer, electricity, gas, telephone, roads and sidewalks, and buildings”. The problem was that several years later when the first payment came due, no payment was made. In fact most of those LLC s were no longer in business. Further checking found that in most cases no work had been done and no permits had been applied for. When the S&L managers were asked about it they said “They had just made a bad decision, it can happen to anyone!”.

Then came Bill Clinton with a Republican controlled congress. More de-regulation and attacks on Unions, changes in banking , lending laws and rules, and free trade agreements.

Then came Armageddon!! the “Presidency” of Dick Cheney and Carl Rove (sic), ( AKA. The George W. Bush Presidency ).

Dick Cheney and Carl Rove invaded the White House as surely as President Bush invaded Iraq! They silently declared war on the Citizens of The United States of America!

Point of attack One;

Was taxes. They lowered taxes for Wealthy People and Corporations! The money formerly collected as taxes now had to be borrowed from the same people that just received the tax cuts along with other lenders and foreign countries.

Point of attack Two;

Was to erase the Mexican border and invite millions of illegal immigrants into our country! They also transported “immigrants” from Africa and other countries.

The importation of these illegals was a double disaster for the country and especially the job holding, poorest citizens. First, the people working fast food, warehouse, packing plant, and similar low paying jobs were laid off with no prospect of finding another job. They then had to apply for workers compensation, food stamps, and/or welfare!

So! Not only did these Citizens lose their jobs, which paid at least some taxes, They also were forced to be a burden on society by drawing money from already depleted Federal and State budgets.

The illegals were paid wages so low they paid little or no taxes. Many did not even have a fake SSN to even cause the employer to feel the necessity to pay any taxes to the government. Add to that the expenses for law enforcement, the courts, medical care, ( go to the emergency room was their health insurance policy), schools, indigent care, etc, etc, for the illegals !! During this time there were three levels of “justice” in this country: Justice for the Wealthy, Justice for the illegals, and Justice for the General Population. The wealthy and illegals were seldom prosecuted, but Common Citizens were judiciously judged, fined and sentenced! After all, Someone had to fill the coffers of the Mayors and Governors with fines,etc.

Point of attack Three;

Changed the lending laws so radically that Credit Card Companies started acting more like Loan Sharks than Legitimate Lenders. Along with that were the home mortgage institutions that suckered unsuspecting , unsophisticated home buyers into loans that would previously have been considered not only bad business, but, also illegal.

Point of attack Four;

Changed Laws and Rules of Banking and Investing to allow a myriad of investment schemes ( IE. – hedge funds, derivatives, ETC), to defraud legitimate investors, ( Ira’s, Mutual Funds (especially), etc. ), of profits on stock, bond and other investments.

During the eight years Dick Cheney and Carl Rove were in power thousands of businesses closed up shop in the USA and moved to Mexico, China, and elsewhere. Many many more would have moved but the Administration pressured them to stay. After Barack Obama was elected president, the flood gates were opened and close to 2 million businesses moved out of America starting from November 2007 thru march 2008. Due to the many and varied free trade agreements this problem continues today, 2014.

The really sad part is that none of this happened accidentally!! It was all part of a plan put in place 20 to 30 years ago. What happened here was learned from the masterminds of the European Union. The countries of the European Union went through pretty much what we did, except their immigrants came largely from Arab countries. They purposely immigrated Muslims to replace their workers. Their short sighted greed caused much strife and agitation among Citizens as their new Muslim neighbors demanded freedom to practice their Religion and observe their Tribal Customs.

Point of attack Five;

Starting about 1974, about the time the term “CEO” was coined, the business community started paying managers millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and various “perks”. Then tens of millions, Then hundreds of millions dollars. This practice continues to this day. The monetary gap between the wealthy and the middle class / poor has been constantly getting wider.

The effect of this is that these people have amassed a tremendous fortunes. This has allowed them to buy up controlling interest in banking, manufacturing, real-estate, entertainment, and most crucially communications. They control all the major news papers, radio, and television stations, and cable TV. If you think they don’t control, ( including censoring, the news content and other aspects of their programming ) You must be asleep at the wheel. And, “They” are very clever about it.

Point of attack Six ;

Basically neutered the protections afforded by the Public Service Laws of 1934. They Privatized production, transportation, and delivery of electricity and home heating fuels. The first year they doubled the charges for both gas and lights. The next year raised them another fifty percent !! Taking more and more money out of the pockets of citizens, and out of the natural flow of the economic pipeline. They continue to drive prices up and up.

Point of attack Seven ;

Passed legislation for the exploration, development, fracking, recovery, and delivery of natural gas and petroleum. The Law specifically stated that the EPA had no jurisdiction over these activities !!!!

Point of attack Eight ;

Refused to recognize the truth about global warming and the fact that human activities are a major contributing factor in the heating of the earth and its atmosphere. They lied, covered up, deceived and generally stuck their head in the sand about global warming.

Point of attack Nine ;

Before the invasion of Iraq, Dick Cheney illegally appointed his former company, Halliburton, to an unbid contract for all things petroleum in Iraq.

Point of attack Ten ;

During the eight years Dick Cheney and Carl Rove were in power they doubled down on consolidating money and power into fewer and fewer companies (think CEO’s of banking and investment firms particularly).

What Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, the Republican Party, along with some Democrats did cannot be described as anything but treason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Point of attack Eleven ;

The Republican Party has been trying to Christianize the U.S. Government for many years. the Republican Party and European Union are responsible for moving very large numbers of Muslims to Europe and the United States. Muslims demanded the right to practice their religion the same as everyone else. Governments, businesses, communities, and individuals had to adjust to the Rites and Customs of the Muslim religion. Laws were changed. This put the fear of Mohamed in the Christian Community. Family size, birth control, marriage and many other issues suddenly took on new, heightened meanings for Christians.

Point of attack (end) .

The following quote clearly demonstrates the depth and breadth of the Republican schism with the values and mechanics of both a republic and/or democratic form of government. This clearly demonstrates the top down power structure of the Republican Party, Which has NO place in a democracy or a republic! This is clearly the tactic of an oligarchy or dictator governance!

“It is obvious, now in its 29th year, the (NO MORE TAXES) vow crafted by ATR President Grover Norquist is not only an important part of Republican campaigns but a fixture within the modern GOP.”– Newsmax

In their lust for money and power the Republican / Capitalist Communities have caused the United States and the World untold problems.

Russian President Nikita Khrushchev said “ It will not be Russia that destroys the United States of America , it will be Capitalism.” (approximate quote)

We are closer to making that quote come true now than at any time since the Civil War !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some need to be prosecuted for TREASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats note : You are not off the hook. And many of you are are just as guilty as the Republicans !==============================================================

What is the single most valid reason Japanese cars are

better and more reliable than American cars?? I contend it is

their religion and high moral standards!

Right after WW2 American business leaders went to Japan and instructed them on how to set up a business on Capitalistic Principles.

The Japanese embraced Capitalism, but their religion demanded that they work toward perfection in all things. When they found a bad part, they replaced it with an improved part. Planned obsolescence wasn’t even in their lexicon.

That is not the American vision of Capitalism!

In America, planned obsolescence is revered !

Planned obsolescence = greater profits = capitolism’s God.

About 30 years ago in “Consumer Reports” magazine Cadillac scored good – to – best on most things. but they were always bad to worst on the brake tests. Then one year they were average; then good ; then best for two years. then back to bad, then back to worst!!

Why??! Because Cadillac repair shops were not making enough

money off the good – to – best brakes. (my theory). Why else?