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The Bill of Rights are defined as “God Given Rights” and as such are not open to modification or reinterpretation. I have not yet met God, but I’m sure He agrees!

Go to “Mark’s Plan”. In there are files that are the meat of my plan to file a Class action Law Suit for One Hundred Trillion Dollars against the Republican Party, The Federalist Society, several individuals, and Corporations Popularly known as “The Establishment”, I refer to them as “The Oligarchy”. This is the first step and I am going to have to find a very good lawyer to do the bulk of the work.

The only way this will work is if millions of people take it up and force the issue. I am sure that not everyone will agree with me on everything. There is a great deal in these files that are not related to the Class action Law Suit. My organizational skills aren’t the best and I have repeated certain issues, which, I think are an indication of what I feel is important. I included some extraneous files and opinions so anyone will kind of get to “Know me” and my sincerity in this cause. Some, who are highly educated, may have a negative knee jerk reaction to some of my theories because my ideas do not match with what they were carefully taught in college or university. To them I say “ If I had made the rules for the financial empire and designed the course curriculum, and the financial world was working by my standards and you were taught that as fact, You would be equally disturbed if someone brought the present system into the conversation”. Please give my ideas a fair trial. The vast majority of “Mark’s Plan” came from my memory from having lived though the Golden Age of America and then having watched as unscrupulous people have raided the vast “fat of the land” built up during the Golden Age.

After writing most of this Plan I happened on to a book by Paul Krugman. In “The Conscience of a Liberal”, Mr. Krugman details most of my postulations in greater detail. There are some things I remember that I have not come across in his book. I most vociferously and sincerely recommend this book to everyone. Amazon has them used for $0.01 + $3.99 shipping. The first three pages of chapter six are very eye-opening and explains a lot about what we are seeing happen Politically, Socially and Religiously.

Jean Kirkpatrick wrote a paper – in it she opined that when a dictator takes over a population, he basically leaves the population alone. Leaving their daily lives, for the most part, unchanged. Familiarity breeds contentment. I believe the Oligarchy basically has this plan in the works for We the “common” People. Give us entertainment, a little food, and a car and we will be happy little sheep. This is not my dream for myself, my family or this Nation. Not everyone can be rich and live in opulence, but, everyone one who is willing to work should be earning enough for a good lifestyle. Including good healthcare. There is much more on this subject in other parts of my general rant (plan).

One way or some other “We The People” have to get control of our Government! This may be our last gasp! And last grasp at the freedoms promised in the Constitution! The Oligarchy I talk about is responsible for virtually every negative financial dynamic the USA has suffered in the last fourty to fifty years. Virtually none of it had to happen. Most of it was carefully planned ahead of time. Putting proof on the table will be very difficult but I but not impossible! The facts are there!

If the current version of the Republican Party, “The Establishment”, gets in power they have three plans we can’t allow them to implement! First : To put toll booths on all metropolitan Interstate Highways and many more limited access highways. They already have been contracting out maintenance on US Highways and Interstates and have toll booths on some Interstates. Second : They also plan to privatize large amounts of BLM, National Forest and other public federal lands. If that would happen We The People would play hell undoing that mess! Third : They want to get rid of the Selective Service System! They have already made Military Service all voluntary meaning the rich and powerful don’t have to fight in any war unless the SSS is called into play – they just start the wars and let us Patriotic Fools fight and die on the front lines!

Their Democratic counterparts have equally disturbing agendas. First : is to repeal the second amendment of the “Bill of of Rights”! Second : Appoint Supreme Court Justices to facilitate the destruction of the Second Amendment.

Both Parties have some very good policies. The solution is to start a new party that puts the Constitution, America and the greater population first.

If enough people support this idea with action and a positive attitude we may be able to save our Nation and the fabulous Constitution so many have fought for, were wounded defending and died believing in. In their Memory and for our future Citizens; Let Us Band Together!?!

My Primary goal is to create a viable third party made up of everyone who recognizes how utterly out of control and broken the Democratic and Republican Parties are and desperate the need is to retake control of our government.

My secondary goal is to wrest control of the Republican Party from the Oligarchy and reshape it into something to be proud of.

If Colorado’s large uncommitted voter population is anywhere near representative of the feelings rest of the Nation; We should be able to do this easily.

We have four huge hurdles : TIME ; MONEY ; ORGANIZATION! The fourth is to be able to keep control from the onslaught sure to come from the rich and powerful like what happened to the TEA Party.

I am a Bald Eagle soaring high over Mountains, Plains and Cities of America. I see Wealthy People, Wall Street Investors, Politicians, moving businesses to and investing in Mexico and China, taking advantage of low wages, low taxes, and poor laborers that exist there. I see these same people berating President Obama for not doing more about human rights abuses while they watch their stock indexes and profits soar to dizzying heights. I land in a dead Cottonwood tree, put my head under my wing – and cry for America, for the Soldiers who died fighting for – Not this!

Mark Rawlins

Important Note:

Nothing in any of my writings should be taken as an endorsement of the Democratic Party. Democrats dedication to repealing the Second Amendment are the devils work. Do not believe their claims of “reasonable” modifications. Their plan is to snip a bit here and take a bite there until it is all gone! Traitors are very secretive and devious. I do include Hillary and Bill Clinton as members of the “Establishment”.

Thank you in advance for reading and hopefully acting on this.

Mark Rawlins

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