Living or Coping

Living or Coping

Life. We, the race of man, are conflicted about how life started. Godly Creation? Or. A complicated chemical accident (evolution)? Even if life came from another planet, be it from our solar system, our galaxy, or another galaxy, We still have the same unanswerable wonderment.

On the subject of Cloning, invitro fertilization, etc. someone said “ If there is a God, He gave men the intelligence and tools to do this so it must be all right with Him”. I don’t think it’s all that black and white. God gives us lots of choices on a myriad of things. If we choose wisely, we succeed, if not we have to go back and try another way. Until we get it right … or die trying.

In my mind, evolution is a scientifically proven fact. However! Evolution, whether accidental or guided by God has been highly successful. I think it highly egotistical that man thinks he can do better. Already we have put poison into the genes of corn and grains we feed to the animals we eat. Doesn’t seem too smart to me. Some weeds and insects are becoming immune to these poisons causing us to create more poisons that will be more resilient. When we poison our food supply, aren’t we poison ourselves!?

Once that poison is out there in the world, in that way, I think it will be impossible to eradicate. Many weeds and insects are evolving ways to cope. ( I don’t think this includes honey bees.) Will man be as successful? We might be smart – but I seriously question how well we are using our intelligence. I guess you could say we’re learning by trial and error. Kind of like “practicing” medicine. It’s just that it’s kind of like a nuclear explosion or accident, once it’s out there it’s out there forever!

I don’t know why I worry though, it’s like President Reagan said when he fired all those federal food inspectors, “Industry can regulate it’s self as good or better than the government can.”. (approximate quote). Poison food does have a better shelf life than “natural” food. I wonder how much shelf life we humans will have with all that poison coursing through our veins.

I am sure Industry is putting MY health and well being ahead of their profits! NOT!

Are we destined to destroy ourselves, if not by one means, then by another? I don’t think so, But we have to do a better job of governing ourselves. Where is God when we need him?

The Gods called “EGO & MONEY & POWER”, are the closest thing to an Anti-God I can think of ! But here we are : The “anti-god” (Oligarchy) is in firm control of The U.S.A. and the European Union Countries. This Oligarchy now controls our food supply, petroleum industry, electricity. and home heating fuel. They basically own both political parties and the Supreme Court. Not one of the members of this Oligarchy was elected to the position they hold!

Question?! How many times in the history of Mankind has a powerful central government been successful over a long period of time? The USSR is the latest to try and fail. Before that it was Hitler and the Emperor of Japan. ALL FAILED!!!! As a matter of fact the only organizations that exist today from more than 1000 years ago are Religions! But religions do not control land masses, countries, or governments. They do have variable degrees of influence on populations though. Yes I know there are a lot of countries that are more than 1000 years old, most of the successful ones now have a representative type of government, not a single “King” type governor. The Oligarchy was firmly in control the U.S.A. government from 2000 to 2006 and somewhat less in control from 2006 to 2008. Are you truly happy with the comprehensive health care plan they put forth?

So! How do We want to define what it is to be “Alive and Living Your Own Life”!? How does that play into what this last rant I’ve been on?

It IS all tied together!

We are told right regularly that we need to balance our household budgets. Have some savings set aside for emergencies, children’s education, and an IRA and/or 401K for retirement. Then there is health care ! Oh – yes, if you belong to a church you tithe 10% or so of your wages. And you would like to take a vacation once in a while.

What was this discussion about? Being “Alive and Living Our Own Life”! When do we have time to think about that!!?