It is hard for me to imagine a democratic country with a worse criminal justice and penal program than the one we have in these United States of America today.

There seem to be three levels of “justice”. One for the rich and well connected, one for the general population, and one for illegal immigrants and organized crime.

We need to completely overhaul the Criminal Justice system!

Through the complete process the criminal would be “in charge” of his destiny. In My view : Anyone and everyone who lives in the United States of America needs to live by the law: period! For misdemeanors, if they choose to break the law they will be asked to leave ! They can find another country, if one will take them or they can die ! Felonies like, robbery, aggravated robbery, rape, murder, career criminals, etc. and White Collar Crime would be treated more harshly and may not have the option of deportation.

I know that the problem is not that black and white! However, we cannot continue to tolerate career criminals ! Period !

We start by enacting permanent and well funded therapy, education, job training,and social skills programs. Develop a judicial system with-in each prison where prisoners are judge and jury for crimes committed in prison by prisoners. If they take the process seriously and come to a reasonable conclusion the defendant would be punished appropriately. If not they take one more step closer to their final determination!

For prisoners who need quite a lot of social skills re-training before being put on parole, establish a small town where only prisoners would live. It would be a complete, self sustaining, community with a mayor, businesses, schools, houses, etc.. They would be able to earn money to be saved for their release and/or pay back crime victims. The whole community would be totally monitored with very little privacy. Each participant would have both private and group therapy concentrating on family, social, and government skills. If they complete this phase of re-training then they would go to a half-way house or be released to a responsible family member thorough a parole system. Each parolee will have a job skill prior to release.

Failure, depending on the level of crime, would result in repeating some steps of re-training or they would be asked to name the country they have obtained permission to immigrate to, or, choose how they want to die. The system would be set up so the criminal is responsible for every decision in the process. Some may choose to die by organ donation.

People with mental health issues would have a separate system appropriate to the crime and their particular mental condition. These people would be the only ones eligible for life sentences depending on their individual circumstances.

Debacles like the insane amount of pandering and delays that occurred in the Theater Massacre trial in Aurora, Colorado will not be allowed. Criminals, the Public, and Victims deserve a timely trial and sentencing.

In order to make this work we must supply all citizens with education, job training, and a job that will support themselves and their families.



Those who have sinned do not have the right to ask to be forgiven – their responsibility is to act in such a way that deserves and encourages others to forgive. There is no legal requirement for victims to forgive, their only incentive is for their personal, moral, social, religious peace of mind. If the sinner makes the true effort to make restitution morally and/or financially and does not receive forgiveness, both parties may suffer guilt and bad karma.


What I don’t understand about all this rhetoric about gun violence is that no-one is talking about two of the most glaring reasons. (1) the FACT that SO many Americans are underpaid if they are working at all. This puts so much pressure on the population and there is no end in sight! (2) BULLYING! This starts with the SUPREME COURT and two particular rulings [1] ruling that corporations are people,with the very obvious political assumption that the extra money would give GOP candidates an extreme advantage in an election. [2] A previous ruling that grants individuals and corporations the right of “EMINENT DOMAIN” to take my or your property for their own use. The richest, most powerful leaders in business and finance are literal bullies in the way they do business. Under the “Chaney” Administration millions of taxpaying Americans lost their jobs to illegal immigrants that were not just invited into the U.S.A., but were actually imported in many cases. Add to that the millions of LEGAL AMERICANS who have lost jobs because the company moved to Mexico, China, etc. Also millions have had their wages reduced by all manner of pressures applied to workers and Unions. This culture of selfishness and bullying starts at the top and “trickles down” through society, each level bullying the one below until at the very bottom, the most vulnerable, helpless, least hopeful have no-one to pass it on to. We end up with SUICIDES, INCREASED CRIME, AND MASS KILLINGS. !!! IF WE WANT MEANINGFUL CHANGE IT HAS TO START AT THE TOP !!!!

Definition: EGOMANIAC – Obsessive preoccupation with ones self.

EGOTISTS tend to RISE to the top in matters of MONEY and POLITICS. They make GREAT DICTATORS and FLOURISH in leadership rolls. CAPITOLISM is the almost perfect breeding ground for egomaniacs!

Since nearly %100 our leaders are and always have been egomaniacs, What are we to do? Well OBVIOUSLY they are not all “bad” people. Probably only about %0.01 are “bad” people! Part of the problem is that our population has grown SO large that a very small percent of the population can now have a significant number of people in it. Egomaniacs have only one agenda, that is, to advance THEIR particular agenda.


It has been proven, to the detriment of our great nation that BOTH Political Parties are engaged in this VERY DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR.

I hope and pray that you will take this to heart and start to lead a campaign to re-assess your attitude and the attitude of the Democratic Party about your and my Second Amendment RIGHTS!!

Respectfully, Citizen;

Mark R. Rawlins

2/14/2016 Denver Post >

RE: Replacing Justice Scalia :

If preserving America it is important to America’s Citizens the next Supreme Court Justice needs to be a Justice who values the Constitution with the same fervor and for the same reasons the Signers of the Constitution did. Justice Scalia earned respect with his dedication to the true interpretation of America’s Great Document and Guiding Light, first and foremost Americas Ten Golden Rules known as the Bill of Rights! ANY degradation of any part of the Bill of Rights would be treasonous! All of our public officials take the same oath of office which states “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President ( or other office ) of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Any attempt to change the Constitution should be met with charges of treason!

Mark Rawlins

2/22/2016 Denver Post>

RE: Another Shooting, Minnesota this time : It is time for truth!

Another shooting, another round of calls for gun control! I can see it so clearly. Why can’t everyone else? Our society is sick! The problem is not with guns or bombs or poison gas. The problem is with society as a whole! Greed, intolerance, religious dogma, special interest tunnel vision, “it;s my way or the highway”, wealth inequity, underemployment, loss of respect for each other, loss of our moral compass, egomaniacs obsession with power and control just for starters.

What’s the underlying cause? Mental Health! Moral Health! Do we, as a country, do anything about this? No! We lack programs focused on truly helping those in need. We portray EVERY twisted individual as mentally ill when the true problem is Moral Illness. This confuses the issue ultimately taking help, funding and hope away from our society. Move money and energy from gun control to all the above and pray!

Mark Rawlins

3/24/2016 Denver Post >

RE: Nominating Supreme Court Justices

There should be one litmus test for all Judges,but, particularly Supreme Court Justices! That test is they should meet the standards of Justice Scalia. There is one way and only one way to interpret the Constitution, particularly the “Bill of Rights”, and that is the way the framers of the Constitution obviously intended it to mean. When someone swears to give testimony in a courtroom they swear “to tell The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth”. We should expect no less from our Justices! Justices take the following Oath of Office : “I, ( name ), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, etc.”

A Federal public office holder cannot even suggest changing the basic intention of the Constitution without breaking the law! Period!

Mark Rawlins

4/28/2015 Aurora Theater Trial > Denver Post(Printed)

The Aurora Theater Spectacle (Trial) appears to be more of a lifetime of guaranteed employment for the defense lawyers than a true trial! They will drag this trial out as long as possible and then start the interminable appeals process. Every decision the judge has turned them down on will be appealed to every level possible in the court system. They will say the Judge rushed them to trial. Appeal.

This case is NOT that hard! Did James Holmes know right from wrong? Yes. Did James Holmes know that killing and maiming defenseless, innocent people is/was wrong? Yes. Did James Holmes, with malice and forethought shoot into a crowded theater with the purpose in mind of killing and maiming innocent, defenseless people? YES!

It’s easy to argue that anyone who kills another is “not all there”. But the test of knowing right from wrong is pretty simple and straight forward. The threat of a death sentence IS a deterrent, however, If someone is determined to kill NO deterrent will stop it.

Mark Rawlins

4/30/2015 Denver Post >

RE: Black Violence >

Two points: (One) I see blacks rioting over every “injustice” done to one of their own. Per capita, there are probably as many “injustices” in the Hispanic community. Where is all the concern about that violence? (Two) I believe that ever since the Rodney King decision, minority males have been instigating fights with law enforcement officers as a get rich quick scheme. No matter how much training officers get, they are still human and can be pushed over the limit and do things that are neither in their nature or per their training. Fights of that nature escalate. The more the criminal fights and hurts the officer the rougher the officer feels the need to be to restrain the criminal. If criminals obeyed the officer and did not fight, few if any incidents would occur.

Mark Rawlins

4/30/2015 More Black Violence > 7newsdesk(at)kmgh.com attn John Ferrugia

Three suggestions(One) I see blacks rioting over every “injustice” done to one of their own. Per capita, in the criminal element, there are probably as many “injustices” in the Hispanic community along with those committed on the rest of the population. Where is all the concern about that violence among Blacks? Unnecessary violence affects all society, not just one segment.

(Two) I believe that ever since the Rodney King decision, minority males have been instigating fights with law enforcement officers as a get rich quick scheme. No matter how much training officers get, they are still human and can be pushed over the limit and do things that are neither in their nature or per their training. Fights of that nature escalate. The more the criminal fights and hurts the officer the rougher the officer feels the need to be to restrain the criminal. If criminals obeyed the officer and did not fight, few if any incidents would occur.

(Three) When Courts hand down decisions on these cases, the Criminal should be assessed as to how much of the violence/injuries were caused by his own actions. The settlement should be divided per that assessment. And, How about the injured officers suing for damages? Fair is Fair!

Mark Rawlins

8/4/2015 Denver Post >

RE; VA Healthcare vs Privately provided Veterans care:

The truth is “Where there is a very large amount of money there will be greedy people to grab as much as possible”. VA benefits are funded by taxes, whichever option might be chosen. It is beyond my comprehension how “for Profit” anything can be cheaper than ”nonprofit”. The definition of PROFIT automatically makes the entity more expensive. Consider Medicare/Medicaid and the constant reports of fraud by virtually every private sector entity that services these Government funded accounts. This will continue no matter who provides the service! Part of the problem is with the justice system that sends a black man to jail for one to five years for lifting a ten spot from the cash register, then gives the Doctor a $5000.00 fine and community service for “misappropriating” $100,000.00 from Medicare (no exact figures there but truth reigns supreme). Leave the V.A. In place, Fund it properly, provide and fund meaningful oversight, policing and prosecution for corruption.

Mark Rawlins

8/14/2015 Denver Post >

Subverting the Law via the Colorado Method

The “Colorado Method” of predetermining the outcome of a trial by telling Jurors they are alone in their guilt and personally responsible for the fate of the defendant is absolutely wrong and it subverts the Law.

Colorado Law allows, maybe even demands, the death penalty. Jurors represent All Citizens of Colorado in the judgment of the defendant. All Colorado citizens share in the decision of the Jury. Jurors must not be instructed to take the law into their own hands or ignore the law. A judge that allows, and/or gives jurors instructions, to follow the “Colorado Method” should be dishonorably discharged!

75% of Colorado Citizens disagree with the “lone” juror that decided the fate of James Holmes. The “Colorado Method” is a sneaky back alley method of defeating the Death Penalty. The interminable appeals process is another example of activist attorneys and Justice Department employes attempt to disallow Colorado due process of the law.

Mark Rawlins

8/21/2015 Denver Post >

RE: Reason to abolish the Death Penalty – Randi Smith

Randi’s assertion that the Death Penalty is “neither fair nor reliable” is subjective. Also neither fair nor reliable are the penalties meted out to white collar crimes. That it is “disproportionately meted out to the poor and minorities” is probably true. Looking deeper into the facts finds that a disproportionate number of crimes are committed by those groups, and they have the poorest legal representation. Still not the whole truth. The poor and minorities fight and die on the front lines of our wars. They earn the least wages and have the least benefits in the work place. They have the least education, work mostly menial jobs, and work more part time jobs keeping them away from home and away form their children. Do not blame the Justice System or the Criminal Laws or the Criminal Sentencing Guidelines. Blame the Political System and Business practices that keep pushing them down while giving most favored status to Others!

Mark Rawlins

8/23/2015 Denver Post >

RE: Religious Freedom and Religious Interference.

Is there a difference between Religious Freedom and just simply Freedom? WHY? If a person wants to take advantage of the services of a Planned Parenthood Clinic or a Bakery we should be able to get those services without being harassed by any group! Activists from a myriad of special interest groups are disrespecting the Civil Liberties of individuals right to choose. It is dangerous ground to mix Religious Law or Principles with Civil Law. Allowing Religions to dictate what, which and when Taxes can be used for is mixing Church and State! For any elected official to choose to represent a Religious Principal ahead of the interest of the general population he is representing is mixing Church and State! On the other hand, much of our social ethic is founded on religious principal. How about we let Muslim groups have the same access to our government as Christians have? Hows that for Religious Freedom?

Mark Rawlins

8/29/2015 Denver Post > Opinion

180 Degrees – from the old west and mob rule

The western frontier was ruled basically by mob rule before the Law arrived. Battles were fought and lives lost the bring Law to the Territories and the newly formed western States. With the invention of “The Colorado Method” the Legal Community has made a 180 degree turn and now support throwing away our laws and ruling by emotion. When a Defense Attorney is allowed by the Judge to instruct the Jury to ignore the Law and rule on their emotions, personal feelings or religious convictions they are promoting Lawlessness. If the Prosecuting Attorney does not protest this practice during the Jury selection and throughout the trial, then they become part and parcel of this Miscarriage of Justice.

A Jurists service is an almost Holy duty. They are there as representatives not only of the Law, but of every individual in the State. When a member of a Jury does not respect the civil rights and liberties of the population they are sworn the represent they are, in effect, reverting to mob rule.

Mark Rawlins

9/24/2015 Denver Post >

RE: National Responsibility

The business of a Nation is to produce fair and equitable laws for the welfare of its Citizens. The welfare of the Citizens depends on a strong and prosperous business community. A strong and prosperous business community depends on an educated, motivated work force. An educated, motivated work force will produce goods and services that will result a strong and prosperous business community. This is the circle of life of a Nation. Within this National Circle of Life there are moral, monetary, and social sub-circles. There exists a natural balance point in each that results in harmony, equality and fairness. This is the business of the President, the Congress, and the Justice Department. Period! May all Gods bless America and the rest of the World.

Mark Rawlins