Global Warming

Global Warming

The two most influential drivers of Global Warming are increasing populations and industrialization! There is a symbiotic relationship between the two. Larger populations demand more goods and services which require more people to work in the factories. And now with the advent of robots and computerization fewer jobs are being created. This conundrum needs much public education and discussion!

I do not think that adding CO2 to our atmosphere does as much to change the world temperature through reflection as some other factors. First, the added thickness of the CO2 layer would reflect the suns rays away at about the same rate as “they” say the CO2 layer causes heat to be reflected back down toward the earth. What mankind’s contribution to Global Warming does do is burning billions of tons of coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel, and petroleum products adds lots and lots and lots of heat and CO2 to the atmosphere! The excess CO2 adds to the blanket that our atmosphere creates, which had been keeping our planet at a relatively steady temperature. No one! Can ever convince me that adding that much heat to our planet doesn’t make a difference! Heat has to be a contributing factor!! And, The “thicker” blanket provides increased insulation which has to be a contributing factor!!

The Thicker layer of atmosphere is responsible for the increasing severity of hurricanes and tornados. Giving them the extra height, warmer air, and higher humidity, all adding to the power formula creating higher winds and taller funnels.

Global warming also :

ONE ! Is heating the ground of the earth, heat causes expansion. expansion causes the ground to move equals more earthquakes, rock slides,and possibly more volcanic activity.

TWO ! As the ice melts off the poles HUGE amounts of weight are moved from the poles to the oceans and the atmosphere. Simple physics says that when this happens, the earth will reshape, elongating at the poles and getting smaller at the equator! RESULT? MORE earthquakes, rock slides, possibly more volcanic activity, and faster continental drift.

6/7/2015 > Denver Post

RE: J. Fox’s “The Population Bomb”, by Ehrlich

Mr. Ehrlich probably got his estimate of the population doubling much closer than statistics show. If you were to factor in how many more births there would have been by all the generations of people who died in wars, of starvation, diseases like AIDS, etc and did not have children, grandchildren, etc, his estimate would have been much closer.

Our Precious Earth IS a finite entity! There IS a limit to how many people it will support! Ask the People on Easter Island about overcrowding. The Chinese finally took some drastic steps to alleviate overcrowding.

We absolutely must stop poisoning our Precious Planet and start being responsible guardians of all life forms we share our environment with. Just because we have the ability to chop down every tree in the rain forests doesn’t mean we should. Yes, there will be casualties among the plants, animals, and insects as time goes on. But for every life form that ceases to exist, we are poorer . Honey Bees and Monarch Butterflies are suffering population destruction due to agricultural poisoning! This should be a wake-up call for all of us!

Mark Rawlins