The Speach

Ladies and Gentlemen, Voters and Non-Voters:

Imagine three circles. One circle is labeled “General Population”. One is labeled “Business Community”. The last is labeled “All levels of Government”. We each belong to and participate in each of these entities to one degree or another. Money flows between each of these entities as purchases taxes, public works, investments, loans and many other ways. Society works best when everyone is working, spending, saving, voting, getting medical attention and living life comfortably and happily.

When one group of people hoard money and power, as is the case in America today, nothing works correctly.

I want to be very clear about this next statement! It is very simple :

The Business Community pays the TOTAL BILL for anything and everything that is paid for in this country!!


The only part of the business community that truly produces money are, mining, petroleum production, electrical generation, forestry, fishing, farming, ranching, ETC.. Natural resources, that are processed and/or manufactured into sale-able goods. Recycled materials could also be defined as “natural resources”.

The Business Community pays all taxes, all health care , all wages, everything!, etc etc! “Wait a dang minute!”You say!? : “I pay taxes!”. Yes : But your WAGES come from the Business Community!! No wages = no taxes paid!

Be it known far and wide! Taxes are a necessary evil! Also please recognize that virtually every dollar collected in taxes comes back to the people and is spread throughout society. Many businessmen have become very rich, and provided good jobs for hourly workers from Government Contracts, doing things the private sector generally has no interest in.

A note about healthcare : We have three Government Healthcare programs active today. One of which was implemented by a Republican controlled Congress. The Child Healthcare Act was passed during Bill Clinton’s Presidency when they kicked welfare abusers off Medicare, Medicaid and other welfare programs. The Child Healthcare system has been running very well as a bipartisan program ever since. It would not take that much to expand and integrate the three systems into a comprehensive Healthcare system for everyone.

Virtually every negative financial occurrence that has happened to our beloved United States of America in the last Fourty years can be traced to policies of the Republican Party! The Republican rant about democrats using taxation for wealth redistribution is so disingenuous that it is laughable! That is exactly what they have been doing for fourty plus years!!! Only in reverse of what needs to happen now!

The Golden Years of our democracy were generated with high taxes. From 1934 to 1974 this nation recovered from the “Great depression, fought WW2, recovered from the war, built the interstate highway system, sent several men to the moon, built a thriving healthy middle class, helped Japan, Germany and much of Europe recover from the war, developed a great healthcare system and much much more! That healthcare system is no more!

I hear a constant rant from Republicans and Conservative talk shows about how bad our government is! The problem, and everyone knows it, is not the Government!! The problem is with Wall Street, international businesses, and the powerful lobbies that represent them!!

The Problem is with the Oligarchy that control both Houses of Congress, certain Supreme Court Justices, the Federal Attorney General, many other Federal Judges, many Governors, State Congress members, maybe even the President, and both Political Parties!

The big question then becomes “Who are the Oligarchy?! I think you can answer this yourself! Look around our Country, your State, your Community. Who is doing a lot better than anyone else? Bankers, Stockbrokers, large Corporation CEOs, CFOs, etc., and White upper income Christians.

I firmly believe that the American and European secret societies are the Controllers! The Oligarchy! Someone needs to clue Hillary Clinton in on the fact that until She and other Ladies can join these secret societies on a truly equal footing with men there will always be that illusive “glass ceiling” She says they are going to break. The Freemasons and other secret societies take care of their own first and foremost. Nepotism may well be first on their list of secret of life binding promises the Members have to pledge to. Add to this mix organized crime and drug cartels and their influence in both Government and the business community and We “The People” have a real mess on our hands!

Our Country, Our Constitution, We the People, are in trouble! Where did we go wrong? How have we let the State of Our Union come to this point?

The reasons are many and complicated! I am sure I don’t have all the answers, and, I’m sure this list is at least but a modest starting point.

Voter apathy is far and away the winner! How easy it is to let entertainment trump listening to some political gobble-d-gook! This however, is an incomplete explanation of the problem.

I believe there are reasons generated by the “Power Brokers” in our Beautiful Country! These are very intelligent, educated, driven, type-A people who have an agenda and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals! Examples you want? How about eight years of republican very special prosecutor Mr. Ken Starr harassing President Clinton, how about Dick Cheney and Karl Rove inviting 20 to 30 million illegals into our country, or 300,000 per month businesses leaving America for foreign destinations irrespective of the damage they knew it would do to the US-of-A? There are more examples!

How to control an elector-it? Provide distractions! Look at the many types of entertainment, TV, Radio, internet, cell phones, movies, live stage theaters, dining out, sports, Religious activities, ETC.!

One way this happens is through movie scripts. When the public gets riled up about something they make a movie, movies or TV show about the subject. Two things seem to happen depending on the movie and subject, After watching, the public feels more informed, and/or the subject seems more like a fantasy. Another effect that they go after is to make the public feel that what they are pushing is inevitable, that there is no use to rebel. Familiarity breeds contentment.

There are job related stresses. The attack on unions and the hourly worker has been relentless. Wages have been stagnant or dropping for thirty or fourty years. Many Citizens have lost jobs and if successful getting a new job had to take a pay cut. When you are worried about where your next meal is going to come from it is hard to find the time and energy to be politically active.

News sources are controlled. CNN, Fox News, major news papers, radio stations are owned and tightly controlled by multinational companies. Notice the lack of truly news-worthy content out there on the air and in print. I hate to admit it but when I want to listen to some real news I tune-in Al jazeera America on my cable channel or listen to NPR (National Public Radio, not perfect but better than privately owned outlets). The BBC also provides a different outlook.

Another element that plays into their hand is that everyone wants to be on the winning side, be part of the in-crowd. Being “unpopular” is one of the great fears we live with from kindergarten till we die. It is very difficult to fight “the bully”, whatever shape he/she comes in.

Republicans complain that Government workers are being paid as much as 40% more than private workers doing similar work. This is true! History lesson! In the 1950s and 1960s when Unions were strong private wages were rising fairly fast. Non-union Government wages were left in the dust. Government workers rallied and unionized and got their pay to somewhat parity with private workers. Then Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush happened! Republican policies pushed unions out and wages for private jobs lower and lower, but Government workers still enjoyed union benefits and rising wages!

So! What that 40% really represents is what the private hourly paid worker has lost in wages in the last 40+ years!!! Their losses are even greater than that! They have lost Health Care, vacation, company sponsored retirement plans. Private hourly paid worker is paying a larger % of their income for housing, and continue to lose to inflation.

Along with these “lofty” goals the Oligarchy decided to kill the Communications Act of 1934 and AT&T, modify the Banking, Stock Trading, and Financial Laws, Rules, Regulations, Terms, and Definitions that were put in place after “The Great Depression” and Deregulate almost everything. Deregulating the airlines put old established airlines into bankruptcy because “Profit raiders” sold tickets at a loss, like a $99.00 ticket from LA to New york.

They modified the Public Service Bill that regulated home heating and electricity, They changed it from non profit to for profit costing American citizens billions in bloated electrical and home heating fees so a bunch of CEO’s could collect multimillion dollar salaries and put those same CEOs in control of Electrical generation, Natural Gas and Petroleum production and exploration. In privatizing petroleum and natural gas production and raising prices to consumers they now made enough money they didn’t have to go out on the market for financing for new wells to drill. All that money stays “in house”!

They changed import/export laws,definitions and policies and tax codes (including Free Trade Agreements) that not only allow but encourage American businesses to move all or part of their operations out of the U.S.A..

They Passed laws and made Policies that encourage the exploitation and exportation of America’s Natural Resources.

Under the George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove Presidency they didn’t just allow some + or – 30 Million illegals to invade our country, they both invited and actively recruited and imported illegals, mostly, from Mexico, South America and Africa. When those illegals replaced American workers, who were paying taxes, the illegals wages were below the tax code minimums to pay taxes, which equals more of the Tax base lost and Millions of Americans on unemployment and welfare.

The Dick Cheney, Karl Rove team invaded the White House in no less manner than George Bush invaded Iraq.

This team led the charge to provide HUGE Tax cuts for the richest of the rich, immediately taking this country from a relatively balanced budget to having to borrow heavily from the same people they just gave those overly generous tax cuts to, and running HUGE DEFICITS on the National Debt!

When Barack Obama won the Presidential Election in 2008, Republican owned or controlled businesses packed up and left the country in droves! Starting in October and going through February 2009 was the greatest period of movement. Approximately 300,000 businesses per month moved to Mexico,China, etc. during this time period. This traitorous act was no accident. They had to have planned this move up to a year or more in advance. Again millions of Tax paying American Citizens forced into unemployment and on to welfare.

Then Republican Congress members signed two pacts. (One): The no new taxes pact. (Two): They would do everything possible to make sure Obama would be a one term President! Are these actions of Patriots or Traitors?! These tactics are neither democratic nor republic in nature. These tactics deny the Electorate of their civil rights, and honest representation by their elected officials. Republicans worked very hard to fulfill these pacts! Republicans, the Business Community and Conservative talk shows continue to harass Obama and the Nation with their anti Obama and anti recovery tactics to this day.

They are an Oligarchy of selfish, bullying, anti American thugs. The Republican Party is neither democratic nor republic in the way the power structure is set up. The American public are being misrepresented by the Republican Party in that Republican elected office holders, who are supposed to represent the people who voted for them, cannot because the Republican Party controls them to such an extent that the members Congress and even the President cannot accurately represent the voting Public.

Both Democrats and Republicans seem to be abandoning primaries for picking Presidential and Congressional candidates. Why? Maybe, because the caucus system allows them to more closely manage which candidates are selected?

It is my sincere belief that the Oligarchy created the two party system and are playing good-cop-bad-cop with the American Public. Vote Democratic and they destroy the second Amendment, Vote Republican and get to be poor the rest of your life!

Please! Nothing in this dissertation should be construed that I am happy with the Democratic Party! Their rabid, unrelenting attacks on the Second Amendment are Un-American and absolutely unconstitutional!

I absolutely support a strong, vibrant, healthy business community! The Republican Party is broken! The Democratic Party is broken! The two party system is an abject failure!

“We-The-People” need a strong, unified Independent Party. Maybe restricting membership to those making $100,000.00 or less per year? The Tea Party started out as a grassroots campaign but was quickly hijacked by wealthy Christians with a totally different agenda.

My Plan I believe to be a good solid well balanced solution. It is basically the system that was in place during the Golden Years of America. There is a lot of work to do to put My Plan into action. It will be worth the work and sacrifice when fully implemented!

Mark Rawlins

Note: Nothing in any of my writings should be taken as an endorsement of the Democratic Party. Democrats dedication to repealing the Second Amendment are the devils work. Do not believe their claims of “reasonable” modifications. Their plan is to snip a bit here and take a bite there until it is all gone! Traitors are very secretive and devious.

The Bill of Rights are defined as “God Given Rights” and as such are not open to modification or reinterpretation.