A Mismatch


Tax cuts! We are constantly bombarded with arguments about “TAX CUTS”. There is also debate about school finance and voucher programs for private and religious schools.

In both of these subjects the real debate,although NO ONE is talking about it, is POWER. Power to control MONEY. Power to control LEADERSHIP. Power to control the destiny of our country, and indeed our very LIVES!

They talk about how Warren Buffet pays less taxes (15%) than his secretary (about 17% to 20%). But, lets look at this inequity a little closer. Assuming she earns $60,000 in gross income and it costs her $40,000 for all her living expenses, that leaves $20,000 in disposable income. Her net taxable income might be about $45,000. Multiply that by 17% equals $7650 in taxes. Of her DISPOSABLE income she is paying 38%. $20,000 minus $7650 equals $12,350 net disposable income.

Now lets look at Warren Buffet. If he made $250,000,000,000 in gross income and we subtract the same $40,000 living expenses equal $249,999,960,000 in disposable income. Even if his net taxable income is $100,000,000,000 15% equals $15,000,000,000. This leaves him $234,000,000,000 in net disposable income.

These numbers are totally fictitious but you can see my point that Warren has SO much more money than his secretary it isn’t really comparable. And the tax disparity is definitely not fair by any standard! I am not saying that Warren Buffet doesn’t deserve to be rich. He is a smart guy with excellent business savvy and got where he is using the rules we let our congress make into law.

Back to TAXES. Without a proper tax policy we will not have the money to properly manage our country’s business. The super rich people who are in control of our country now want more control and if “We the People” do not wake up and figure a way to turn things around we will soon find we have no control and possibly no UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to call home. All ready, look at what Dick Cheney,Carl Rove and Tom Delay accomplished during the last “George Bush presidency”.

First thing our last republican controlled federal government did was lower income taxes for the richest people and the business community. Followed by more tax cuts, rules changes and deregulation.”They” even changed definitions whenever it would give them an advantage. All this put SO much money in their pockets that they really had no place to use it all. So what they did was start buying all kinds of investments. The stock market went wild. We, the People are reaping then results of these selfish, bullying tactics!


Mark Rawlins