Our Dream


Martin Luther King Jr. stood in front of a microphone and famously said, “I have a dream!”. He turned that dream into a movement, inspiring his followers to stand up as individuals and groups, to incite change in the laws and social systems of this country. This Country, whose Constitution already guaranteed them those rights! They had to fight for that recognition!

Like so many great Americans in our history Martin Luther King Jr. recognized a need and addressed it the best way they could figure out how to do it.

Today, I Have A Dream, A Dream that is most certainly very similar to Your Dream! I also have A Plan!

“We the People” have to Stand tall as Individuals and Groups to demand our fair share of the riches of this Nation! Yes, the 98% of us who scratch out a living working one, two, or even three part time jobs to have enough money to just live. Veterans with Purple Heart Ribbons pinned to their chests, retirees living on fixed incomes, Handicapped and Indigent Citizens being systematically left behind financially by the Great Capitalist Machine that heaps great rewards on the 1% or 2% who claim they are the only ones who work hard enough to deserve to be rewarded with more than a peons wage.

My dream is to make These United States of America the country our Nations Creators dreamed it would be!

We will enforce the Ten Commandments of the U.S.A. otherwise known as The Bill of Rights ,the first ten articles of the Constitution, and as our God Given Rights. Properly read and interpreted the original Constitution is quite concise in meaning and intention of what the Framers wanted for themselves and future generations.

We will listen to the wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of America and become best friends and responsible stewards to our environment. God provided us with a beautiful Planet complete with an UN-Godly number of Animals and Plants to share it with. We have air, water, land, and minerals to feed us and enrich our lives. We have the most amazing, intelligent brain that developed what God provided to accomplish an astonishing array of embellishments to our lives.

We recognize that in drawing the conclusions represented by the Preamble to the Bill of Rights and by enacting the Constitution of the United States of America, that we must extend to all other Peoples and Nations that they also have similar rights. No man is an island, and no Nation is the ruler of People or Nations out side of their borders.