(Native American Proverb: Dakota Tribe)

Why am I writing this? Because at 74 years of age I am still learning more about what a fabulous, important, and true document the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is!

Hate, Anger Fear and Apathy are a forms of temporary mental incapacitation. They blind the person, making rational judgments difficult if not impossible. They cause tunnel vision obscuring facts that would normally be quite obvious to most people. Therefore:

Before you read this take a few minutes and take stock of your personal state of mind. There is so much anger, fear and hate running rampant in our society today! We have made up our minds about what we believe and “Just dare someone to try to change our minds” or inject their version of “The Truth” into the conversation. Please clear your mind and open up to some possibly new information.

Please know that I am more politically Independent than associated with either Democratic or Republican parties. In fact I firmly believe we need to scrap the two party system and go to a multiple party system. I believe the Oligarchy which controls the Candidates and thus the Election and thus the Government, control both parties. Because of the two party system. I believe the two party system was generated by this “Oligarchy” specifically for the purpose of controlling the population! They are playing good cop – bad cop with the voters. The age old ploy of Divide and Conquer!

A friend of mine told me something that is so very true! He said when it comes to negotiating a settlement involving strongly held beliefs, the one who is most willing to be unreasonable wins! Think about it! Have you seen this tactic used by our elected officials in the past 15, 30, 50 years?

My son accuses me of having all these conspiracy theories. I say “If I am being conspired against, it’s not just theory!”.

Anger, Hate, Fear and Misinformation are the most often used tools when someone wants to impose their will on another person or group of people. To generate these emotions they use lies, misdirection, and misinformation. When I think about these things, two people jump to the front of my mind! Carl Rove and Rush Limbaugh. Carl Rove and Rush Limbaugh have based their careers on these tactics and they have been very successful with them. If this paragraph has made you angry, I urge you to push your anger aside and continue reading.

MIND CONTROL. Anger, Hate and Fear. How do you get someone on your side? Make them feel like a victim. Provide a solution. Everyone wants to be on the winning side, be their friend.

Why am I writing this? Because at 74 years of age I am still learning more about what a fabulous, important, and true document the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is! And! There exist groups of very selfish, self absorbed, power hungry people who are fighting tooth and nail for control of something loosely referred to as “The New World Order”.

Using NAFTA and similar National border erasing policies along with destabilizing national and international financial fabrics they are positioning themselves to “lead” the world into the New World of “The New World Order”! I, do not like the way things are going!

This same group have even proposed we change the Constitution ! I say the norms of morality do not change significantly for either society or business over even large blocks of time! The United States Constitution as it was written is the most perfect governing document ever written. There is absolutely no reason to change it.!!

I was recently introduced to the idea (fact!?) that when our nation was founded, there were European, particularly English, Secret Societies that migrated to the new world along with the people. And! Even though the Founders wrote both “Freedom of Religion”, for the population, and, “Freedom from Religion”, for the Government, into the Constitution, in reality these religiously based secret societies have been controlling the major aspects of OUR NATION for 200 + years! I believe the largest and most powerful (influential) of these are the Masons. There are also the International Order Of Foresters, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose, and others.

Please reference the “ALL SEEING EYE” the dollar bill.

When John Kennedy ran for president there were predictions that the Pope would be running our government. That did not happen! What has come to light is the fact that the Supreme Court and the the Office of President had been filled with practically nothing but Protestants until John Kennedy’s presidency. Since then the Supreme Court has become, religiously, truly integrated. But! Both President John Kennedy and his Brother and candidate for president, Robert Kennedy, were Assassinated!!

Quite some several years ago I was listening to an AM radio talk show, “Coast to Coast AM”, started by Art Bell and then when he retired George Noory took over. A listener clued George onto a international group of very rich and powerful men that were meeting at the Bildeberg Hotel in the Netherlands at least once each year. At this meeting they reportedly were talking about the “One World Order” or “New World Order”, and how to institute it. George said he had some push back about his efforts to identify the people involved and their program. But He said “Don’t worry folks, I will keep on this as long as it takes, we WILL get to the bottom of this!” (approximate quote). I believe he was given “The Word” because that was the last time I ever heard him talk about it.

So! Why $100 Trillion dollars? Because in the documents attached I prove beyond ALL doubt that the problems we face today are the product of a very long term plan by the “Oligarchy” I talked about earlier. Led by Republican power brokers and lobbyists, Congress effectively eliminated all financial safeguards put in place after the Great Depression. Those safeguards served our nation very well through the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s.

So! Why $100 Trillion dollars? Because that is an extremely cautious estimate of the amount of money the Oligarchy (Wall Street and the Business community) have stolen from this Nation and its People!

Also, I Love The United States of America and The Constitution as they were founded by our very wise, freedom loving forefathers.

Mark R. Rawlins