Filing charges against Hillary Clinton

   I have the right – I have the Obligation, to file these charges against Hillary Clinton! The E-mail crime is pinned squarely on her head. She, with purpose and forethought, set up her private E-mail system. She lied many times to “We the People”. She admits it was a mistake and is sorry she got caught, so was the bank robber who was hanged. To give a pass to someone in her position is to condone her action. Bad Bad policy! Lies Matter! Truth Matters! Law Matters! Misinformation Matters! Weasel-words Matter! Prosecute Hillary Clinton! Fact is Hillary Clinton sent high security messages over her private e-mail account! The fact that most messages had not yet been designated as to classification does not excuse the action! As Secretary of State she knew which messages were sensitive and which were not. This fact further proves the devious character of Mrs Clinton. As to why she opted for the private e-mail server? I believe it goes to the acrimony and distrust she had for the Republican Party. Had she used government provided e-mail Republicans would have had access to all that information which they would have used to wreak more havoc for President Obama, the Democratic Party, herself, and, in fact the Nation. So! It in no way excuses Mrs Clinton, but the Republican Party shares some of the responsibility for the breach of security and ethics. She should be prosecuted!

Mark Rawlins

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